Soles for the Soul

Arfango takes women's shoes to the next level with these imprinted soles. On the right it says, "If you
don't smile, If you are not positive, it doesn't matter, just be sexy" and on the left, "Smiling, Positive, and Sexy" I am absolutely head over heels *pun intended* over these soles!

Arfango is a brand that goes back from 1902, relaunched back in 2006 by the young Alberto and Andrea Moretti. Arfango shoes are more commonly associated with their famous modern take on the historic leather mocassins. Did I mention how much I love these printed soles?

Words by JanuaryGypsy

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  1. Where can I get these heels? :)

    1. you can try http://www.shopstyle.com.au/ and search for Arfango or Arfango Heels. you can also try luisaviaroma, but other than those two i'm not sure where else you can buy them. maybe ebay? hope this helps! :)


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