Finally, a new post! :D So an update for the other day, my friends and I went to Cobo! And obviously from the photo above, Cobo has some awesome possibiliTeas, and yes, they were indeed awesome.

I honestly thought it was really unique, I mean I kind of expected it to be like Bubble Bee, or Quickly, or Zagu (sorry if you're not from Cebu and couldn't relate to any of that teehee), but Cobo had that youthful and cartoony twist which is pretty much what made it, well, awesome. Plus, not mention their insane variety of teas! It took me so long to choose what kind to get because they had so many intriguing flavors. They had a set of milk teas, teas with floating sea salt, and bubble burst teas. I ordered a mango peach bubble burstea as soon as the lady was finished explaining to me. Bubble burst teas were fruit teas, with juice balls; the balls looked like sago, but when you bite into it, juice would burst out! Cobo's an awesome place to hang out, and prices aren't that bad either ;) Haha and I also sort of interviewed the lady at the counter and learned two things: Cobo is from Taiwan, and Milk Teas are their best-sellers >.<

Cobo (Cebu) is located in J Center Mall, Mandaue. Just one (10-15 mins) ride away from our school, so I'm expecting to go there again very soon :)

Have a spankin' almost-weekend! ;)

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