It's Me!

So here I am, January Gypsy. I'm an 18 year old girl with an eye for individuality and a heart for potential. I appreciate what needs appreciation and I lavish myself with curiosity. Currently going to college, and majoring in Archaeology in pursuit of achieving my teenage dream of becoming a modern Indiana Jones. This blog has no specific classification, and neither do I. Looking for inspiration, for the benefit of my imagination and personal style. I'm starting this blog to share with you all about my life, things that interest me, and inspire me. As my blog title says, I'm a gypsy (or at least I consider myself to be *wink.) It's not that I travel so much, although I wish I could, It's that my spirit always wanders; my spirit, my thoughts, my style. It's hard for me to focus or stick to any single thing. I love being adventurous. I love trying new things. I paint, I cook, I take pictures. At one point, I've also gone on a nail art binge, which I'm hoping to do more of nowadays. So basically, this blog is about things I'll be doing, I'll be planning to do, things I've been thinking and feeling, everything. This blog will basically be my life on text and pixels. Thank you for reading and enjoy :)

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