The Survival of the Buttercream

Today my friends and I made last-minute plans to hang out and ended up in Talamban. We went to a friend's place and watched Bubble Boy which was my first time to see it, and all they could say was "you've never seen bubble boy??" Hahaha if I ever say the words "500 Dollars" again in my life, I'll never say it the same as I always have. After that, I had a super late lunch/first meal of the day and ate Ngohiong near school which I haven't had at all since summer started.

Lastly, we went to Cafe Caw which was right across Bright Academy, so we just walked and my gosh, it was one of the cutest little places I've ever been to in the city! I had a Green Tea Matcha cupcake which cost 60 pesos, normally not how much I would spend for cupcakes, but I've never had a tea flavored one before so I just went with it. It was so good! I mean, you could really taste the tea in the cake and the icing was good too, though I personally thought it needed to be smoother, or maybe it was really meant to be that grainy with all the sugar? Anyway, I ended up buying a box of 4, which cost 220 pesos. I bought a Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream, Vanilla with Choco Buttercream, Red Velvet and another Green Tea Matcha *for my mum ;) The Red Velvet was super red velvety, in a good way. The Vanilla cupcakes were so delicious! They weren't too cakey, they didn't fall apart, they were moist, but the icing tasted and felt more like royal icing rather than buttercream which is why when I got home (and I live pretty far) I was surprised that the icing was still in its form and didn't melt, and I even took a damn jeepney, which if you know anything about commuting in the City is a nightmare-like event. They were very tasty cupcakes, but with my allowance, I'm not about to pay sixty pesos every time I'm looking for a cupcake fix, though if you're the "quality over quantity" type of person, I say go for it (not saying that I'm not that type of person, just that I like to compromise, and with cupcakes I somehow always end up in Fudge) Personally, I recommend the Green Tea cupcakes. They're tea-rific *insert awkward wink here*

I can't wait to go back and maybe eat something other than cupcakes.

I wasn't able to bring my camera, hence the phone photos at Cafe Caw, though the boxed cupcake pictures were taken at home.

Have a super almost weekend! xxx

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