Five-Nation Foodpocalypse

Had so much food over the weekend-- and these were only from Saturday! My papa, sister, and her boyf picked me up from class and we went to Joed's Lutong Hapon for lunch. Awesome japanese food (but they had Kimchi on the menu, which I'm pretty sure is Korean >.<) at an awesome price. We ordered so much for four people, we were so stuffed after and the bill didn't even make it to a thousand pesos. Sulit ;) For dessert, we went to Macaron Tango Café and chilled for a while, before going home. I had a Mango/Vanilla Macaron; the color's very tweety-birdish ;)  I usually get my macarons at Vanille, so when we got to the café, I felt very nostalgic about my first macaron, which I bought there about one or two summers ago. I'm definitely going back for more *wink And! they also had these necklaces with macarons as pendants-- so adorable! We also ordered Canelés de Bordeaux; the chef, Remi Lastere, who was very friendly I might add, came up to our table, and shared to us that Canelés were his specialty. My papa even wants to go back for more :)) For dinner, Ally and I went to our friend's 18th Debut Party, which was absolutely last minute, and we didn't expect it to be so fancy *we felt so under-dressed :( Had lots of Lengua and Paella; personal favorite combo. Explored Casino Español a bit, then went to I.T. Park afterwards with John. We had originally planned to go to La Marea, but of course, since it was a saturday, it was full. So plan b, McDonald's! Had coke floats, fries, made fun of John's forehead *and our friend Carlo came by too. It was such a fun day, I'm having high hopes for this weekend! ;)

*Why Five-Nation Foodpocalypse?
Joed's - Japanese & Korean
Macaron Tango - French
Casino Español - Spanish
McDonald's - American

Joed's Lutong Hapon is located at 257-A Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site, Enmore Residence Hall
It's right next to Sacred Heart Hijas de Jesus.

Macaron Tango is located as Space 5 Centro Arcade, Capitol Site
It's in Boulevard (the space with Uno and Jollibee) It's a couple stores behind Jollibee Capitol.

Credits to my friend Ally for some of the pictures.

Have a great week ahead ;) xxx

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