DIY: Marc Jacobs + Ear Candy: Best Coast

I first saw this bracelet in Accessorize, and if I remember correctly the price was around 300 to 600 which is the normal price range for accessories in Accessorize and if you look at it, it's pretty simple. So here's me bowing down to the popular chinese stereotype of being "thrifty" and making my own version of this bracelet. Originally by Marc Jacobs, I then saw the bracelet on polyvore and shopbop which made me want to have my own one even more. This is a really easy DIY and it will save you a lot of cash as well.


Blanc & IRIE

If you're from Cebu, for sure you've heard of Blanc. It's an online magazine, basically a collision of fashion, arts and culture, from another perspective. Anyway, after a three-month long sabbatical from writing, I started again and contributed to the magazine by writing articles for them, one of which featuring Irie Gastropubliko. These are just some screenshots, the last two are of the articles I wrote. Just click the link below for the full issue!


Edge of Summer

Just a couple of pictures to give a gist of what I've been up to. Photos from Concave Skate Park, Starbucks and I.T. Park, plus, a burger patty I made, the SORTED way *wink* and a strawberry cheesecake. Because I like cheesecake. Also, I went to ArmyNavy and Sprockets but I'll do a separate post for em later. Aaaand I've also been addicted to the new HBO series, Girls (trailer and clips below) Created, written by and stars Lena Dunham who is basically the Tina Fey of my generation. The show has an awesome soundtrack as well, so, plus points!


Weekend Spirit

A peek at my favorite accessories these days and my recent adventures. Photos from last week at Dolce, had a taste of their new milk teasers. Went out for karaoke the other night with some friends and to Chicken and Beer (minus the chicken hahaha) the night after. Plus I can now conclude that when a beer tower is left untouched for 10 minutes, don't bother getting back on that wagon. *My ASOS ear cuff also arrived the other day so, yeyy! Also practically drowned in cotton candy yesterday for mother's day.


The Survival of the Buttercream

Today my friends and I made last-minute plans to hang out and ended up in Talamban. We went to a friend's place and watched Bubble Boy which was my first time to see it, and all they could say was "you've never seen bubble boy??" Hahaha if I ever say the words "500 Dollars" again in my life, I'll never say it the same as I always have. After that, I had a super late lunch/first meal of the day and ate Ngohiong near school which I haven't had at all since summer started.
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