Edge of Summer

Just a couple of pictures to give a gist of what I've been up to. Photos from Concave Skate Park, Starbucks and I.T. Park, plus, a burger patty I made, the SORTED way *wink* and a strawberry cheesecake. Because I like cheesecake. Also, I went to ArmyNavy and Sprockets but I'll do a separate post for em later. Aaaand I've also been addicted to the new HBO series, Girls (trailer and clips below) Created, written by and stars Lena Dunham who is basically the Tina Fey of my generation. The show has an awesome soundtrack as well, so, plus points!


Weekend Spirit

A peek at my favorite accessories these days and my recent adventures. Photos from last week at Dolce, had a taste of their new milk teasers. Went out for karaoke the other night with some friends and to Chicken and Beer (minus the chicken hahaha) the night after. Plus I can now conclude that when a beer tower is left untouched for 10 minutes, don't bother getting back on that wagon. *My ASOS ear cuff also arrived the other day so, yeyy! Also practically drowned in cotton candy yesterday for mother's day.


The Survival of the Buttercream

Today my friends and I made last-minute plans to hang out and ended up in Talamban. We went to a friend's place and watched Bubble Boy which was my first time to see it, and all they could say was "you've never seen bubble boy??" Hahaha if I ever say the words "500 Dollars" again in my life, I'll never say it the same as I always have. After that, I had a super late lunch/first meal of the day and ate Ngohiong near school which I haven't had at all since summer started.


Random Wishlist

A wish list, for no apparent reason, of things I'd like to buy if I had money, which I'd like to earn by working, but is immensely disappointing because no one will hire me.


Ear Candy | When George Met Sally

If you liked the movie 'It's Kind of a Funny Story' then you'll love 'The Art of Getting By' but this post is going to be less about the movie, and more on the soundtrack. So first thing's first, I think it's pretty evident that movie plots or stories like this are already starting to be a bit of a cliché for this generation --finding meaning in life, making sacrifices, getting your shit together, two people who start off as friends even though the entire audience knows they're going to end up together at the end, bla bla bla-- the soundtrack made up for it, though. I'm sure a lot can relate to this movie, and along with it, the soundtrack.



So to keep you up to speed on what I've been up to lately, here are some photos of this week so far. Went to Ayala to do some errands with my bestfriend, Stefy, had Krispy Kremes, then went to Rick's place to help him with school stuff, played around with his Diana Lomo and the paper ring he made (yeah, not girly at all) Such a happy day, despite it being Stefy's last before leaving for Holland. Counting the days until she gets back<3 And yesterday, I went to I.T. Park with Ally and Eloi, and I applied for a job! Well, the second time. I'm hoping I get this one. Keeping my fingers crossed! Oh, and also, I had more Krispy Kremes. Teehee.
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