Shoe Envy!

So I've grouped and thinned down my top shoe picks for this week into three brands, namely Steve MaddenDolce Vita and Chloè. I'd have to say that the shoes that's at the very top of my covet list is 'Jemma' (black suede ankle-cut boots, bottom left) from Dolce Vita; it's absolutely heartbreaking ;( I also love the Steve Maddens I picked out because they're very tribal-- summer sun, shorts, sunnies and those heels, oh I can see it now! I'm getting giddy just imagining them on *eeeep* and lastly, the Chloè studded leather boots are so slick and to die for~

End Of Hibernation

Photos from the past two weeks :)


Five-Nation Foodpocalypse

Had so much food over the weekend-- and these were only from Saturday! My papa, sister, and her boyf picked me up from class and we went to Joed's Lutong Hapon for lunch. Awesome japanese food (but they had Kimchi on the menu, which I'm pretty sure is Korean >.<) at an awesome price. We ordered so much for four people, we were so stuffed after and the bill didn't even make it to a thousand pesos. Sulit ;) For dessert, we went to Macaron Tango Café and chilled for a while, before going home. I had a Mango/Vanilla Macaron; the color's very tweety-birdish ;)  I usually get my macarons at Vanille, so when we got to the café, I felt very nostalgic about my first macaron, which I bought there about one or two summers ago. I'm definitely going back for more *wink And! they also had these necklaces with macarons as pendants-- so adorable! We also ordered Canelés de Bordeaux; the chef, Remi Lastere, who was very friendly I might add, came up to our table, and shared to us that Canelés were his specialty. My papa even wants to go back for more :)) For dinner, Ally and I went to our friend's 18th Debut Party, which was absolutely last minute, and we didn't expect it to be so fancy *we felt so under-dressed :( Had lots of Lengua and Paella; personal favorite combo. Explored Casino Español a bit, then went to I.T. Park afterwards with John. We had originally planned to go to La Marea, but of course, since it was a saturday, it was full. So plan b, McDonald's! Had coke floats, fries, made fun of John's forehead *and our friend Carlo came by too. It was such a fun day, I'm having high hopes for this weekend! ;)


Deliciousness In A Box

My dad got back from Manila (again) last night and brought Cinnabons! Yummmm. I've been munching on the cinnamonic (what?) deliciousness all dawn with so much coffee on the side, but I've finally finished my presentation for class later :D

Pluuuus, it's saturday and there's so many options on what to do and where to go; Thirsty Cup at school, Eloisa's Rugby game at CIS, crash Stefy's Phys Ed class at the Bowlingplex, or stay home and cuddle with Chilli. It's saturday, who wouldn't want to go out? Though I think the universe will most probably lead me home and tell me to stay in. *Okay universe, if you say so.


Guitar World? More Like Guitar Heaven

Happy TGIF! So it's friday, and the weekend is coming up (duh) and I absolutely cannot wait to catch up on some sleepy time. It's been one hell of a week, but as I had hoped, not all of it was bad ;) We went to Guitar World! (And by we, I mean my friends >.<) It's near our University, and I pass by it all the time, to and from school. *Okay so a little background for most of you who don't know, I had guitar lessons when I was in the sixth grade, and I stopped right around freshman year of high school. I stopped because I realized that while lessons were really helpful, for some reason I felt I could just learn on my own. God knows what made me think that. Sadly, my guitar skills aren't as great as I had hoped, but I still like to play sometimes. Not to brag, but I'm a fairly decent musician (oh wow as if there's anything to brag about)

Anyway, we checked out the store and I felt like I had gone to the gates of heaven. Not heaven heaven, just the gates. When the time comes that I'll be able to afford my Les Paul dream, then, I'll be in heaven. *I sound so cheezy making heaven metaphors. It's not cute or attractive at all. I asked the guy at the desk if I could take pictures, so as usual, I went crazy, and to top it all off, I was bringing my macro lens with me. I browsed through the acoustic guitars and holy crap they weren't as expensive as I had imagined them to be in my mind. The cheapest one didn't even reach P 2,000 and it looked pretty slick too. My acoustic guitar, Apollo, cost around P 3,000. I've had him since high school and he's a beauty; until I painted him and now he looks like unicorn trash, but still sounds very sexy ;)


When In Doubt, Have Some Mint

Happy Wednesday! So I'm going to be trying something new for my blog, which I hope will catch on and I'll continue to do: When In Doubt Wednesdays. Basically, it's just that the title for my posts on Wednesdays will start off with "When In Doubt," and then continue it with something which relates to the post. I got the idea when I read this quote by Bill Blass, which says "When In Doubt, Wear Red."

Had class all day; Economics exam was a bust, but I finished my Anthropology report! :) Went to Brown Cup this afternoon with Ricky after class for comfort food, but decided to skip the extra calories  (haha) of a blueberry cheesecake and had a Mint Chip Frappe instead, well enough for a warm afternoon. *Also, if I had a peso for every inappropriate touch I've felt while riding a jeepney, I'd be damn rich.

And today's theme song is Ten-Twenty-Ten by Generationals (video below)


Like A Sir: Sun-Staches

G'evenin' to you, smexy reader ;) So I stumbled upon these Sunglasses with mustaches hung from chains, and I do declare they certainly make me feel, like a sir. I haven't actually bought one of these sunnies, but if fate would hand me a pair in some supernatural way, I wouldn't mind a bit. They even come in different mustache styles, as you can see from above. They are of high-quality, and 100% UV400 protection. Plus, more colors! I just posted these black and white ones, because they seemed the most legit, the others seemed too party-ish, in my opinion; but then again, that's pretty much what they're for. I think if I had a pair on, I would feel like Francois from Youth In Revolt-- so. bad. ass.

Pastry Monday

Happy Tots Tuesday! My friends and I went to Fudge yesterday after school for our proposed new tradition: Pastry Monday, previously Flame It Monday, but pastries seem to be more of our thing than burgers ;) This is my third cupcake post this week! Fist bump for cupcake binges. Hell yeah. So all the girls had cupcakes, and Rick had a cheesecake (because he's such a badass) If you've read my Giant Macaron post, we had the same cupcakes then but the ones we had yesterday were Valentine-themed! And speaking of more cupcakes, my friends and I are planning on making some and sell them on Valentine's. Can't wait for our baking party :))


United Nude Shoe Picks

Happy monday everyone! I'm home early from class because of the earthquake this morning; I got so dizzy! :( But back business: Okay, so I came across United Nude and their amazing collection of shoes. I honestly have never seen any other shoe with the same style as these, I mean look at them, they are so slick and the shapes and tones all compliment and perfect each other.



*This is going to be a critique on the recently opened Cupcake shop in Cebu, CupcaKen.
This post is not intended to offend anyone from CupcaKen or discourage anyone to visit CupcaKen, this is simply my opinion*

The Day We Murdered Cupcakes

Last Friday, my dad brought Cupcakes by Sonja from Manila. The icing was a bit melted already though but they still tasted so yummy! My sister went to Manila recently and kept raving about how delicious they were, but that she didn't have time to buy more and bring some; just our luck my dad also went to Manila a day or two after my sister got back so he brought a box of six cupcakes when he got back. It was like a murder scene in the box as soon as we opened it >.< *Makes me sad that they're only in Manila, though :(


Out Of This World: Dawntroversial Shoes

I've met my match<3 I want to marry these babies so bad, and they look soooooo good I kinda wanna lick 'em and just snuggle up with them when I go to bed. I'm not even that comfortable with wearing heels but if they looked like these, I wouldn't mind at all. These are Dawntroversial Shoes, hand painted and customized by Glaswegian designer, Dawn Smith. Her signature styles are galactic, and all in all, out of this world. Other than these spacey wedges, some of her other designs are doused in glitter, and studs. She customizes sneakers and boots too!

Dawntroversial Website
Dawntroversial Shoes on Facebook
Dawntroversial on Buzznet
Shop Dawntroversial

*On a more personal note, I have my last midterm tomorrow, so, fingers crossed! xx


Clutch Lust

Things I am willing to do to have even just one of these Alexander McQueen knuckle clutches:


Finally, a new post! :D So an update for the other day, my friends and I went to Cobo! And obviously from the photo above, Cobo has some awesome possibiliTeas, and yes, they were indeed awesome.

I honestly thought it was really unique, I mean I kind of expected it to be like Bubble Bee, or Quickly, or Zagu (sorry if you're not from Cebu and couldn't relate to any of that teehee), but Cobo had that youthful and cartoony twist which is pretty much what made it, well, awesome. Plus, not mention their insane variety of teas! It took me so long to choose what kind to get because they had so many intriguing flavors. They had a set of milk teas, teas with floating sea salt, and bubble burst teas. I ordered a mango peach bubble burstea as soon as the lady was finished explaining to me. Bubble burst teas were fruit teas, with juice balls; the balls looked like sago, but when you bite into it, juice would burst out! Cobo's an awesome place to hang out, and prices aren't that bad either ;) Haha and I also sort of interviewed the lady at the counter and learned two things: Cobo is from Taiwan, and Milk Teas are their best-sellers >.<
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