McDonald's Monday & 3k Hits!

I am sooo beat! I had two midterms today which I was not so prepared for, but I'm hoping for good outcomes since I felt pretty confident about my answers. Also had a double cheeseburger at McDonald's, cookies & cream ice cream and a blueberry Pop Tart. Tomorrow, I'm not eating +.+ (a lot) I have one more midterm on saturday, two reports for my cultures class, one for sociology another for economics, photos of the university campus for brochures, all due within this week! Manic monday, indeed :(


Yo Ho Ho And A Cup Of Ice Cream

Yesterday I went to Logos with my parents. I haven't been on the ship since I was little girl, so I was really excited to be there, and I can't wait to go back this saturday (or before they leave which is February 14th.) I bought a really big map, and as soon as we got home, I put it up on my wall. Had ice cream and cookies and croissants, too :) Aaand I really loved the pattern posters they had on their walls-- you'll know what I'm talking about when you scroll down :P

If you're in Cebu, definitely take time to board the ship, or you can click this link for a schedule of their upcoming ports.


Honey 2: Dance Battle

After eight years, they've finally released a sequel for Honey! Starring Katerina Graham (Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries) and Randy Wayne (Justin from The Lying Game.) I saw the movie, and it was so strange to hear the two of them, especially Katerina goin' all gangsta (so strange, so weird, very weird) and to top it off, her dancing was just... oh, just watch the movie >.<

Baby You're My Liquor

So this song was uploaded the day before christmas last year, and I found it today on our iTunes library, downloaded by my dad (because he's cool like that haha) Probably the simplest song Lady Gaga's ever done, and yet, it's amazing. What do you think? :) *Video/Song below!

Arcade Fire

TGIF yesterday! Had an exam and I have this feeling in my gut that I tanked it :( but my archaeology midterm got postponed which is insanely perfect timing since I haven't studied a bit. So yesterday Ally and I hung out with Yuno, stayed in Ayala and had carrot cake, macarons, dinner, then met up with Stefy and played at Timezone ; also had lots of coke, and in the spirit of Chinese New Year, had Peanut Tikoy as well :)


Every Detail Is An Adventure

Pictures I took of myself for The Fashion Photomoto's project.
I love fashion because every detail is an adventure.

More Light, Please

So when I got home from class yesterday, I found a new table lamp in my room! A random present from my parents which I'm suspecting is just phase 1 in their conspiracy to get me to study more >.< Still, a million thank yous to both of them :) Got coupons from Mang Inasal and Yellow Cab, too. Decided to try out the table tamp and took some shots of all the clutter I had on my desk.


Time Flies

Photo journal for yesterday!
Midterms the whole day, then went to Terriyaki Boy with Ally and Rick for maki (again >.<) to unwind. 


Longchamp 2012 Spring Campaign

How cute is Coco Rocha with this Italian Greyhound? (correct me if I'm wrong)
Also, view the video below for the Oh! My Dog Ad, Coco is too adorable in it.
Plus, the fact that all this was shot in New York (Brooklyn, but it's still New York) and that she's in a trenchcoat, reminds me of the last scene of Breakfast At Tiffany's, only she has a dog, not a cat >.<


Not Just A Label

So about ten minutes ago, I stumbled on this website. I've been browsing through it, it's only been 5 minutes and already I am so in love with the concept. Not Just A Label is collaboration of a number of independent designers; from accessories to apparel, every piece is carefully designed. Designers on NJAL come from around the globe *with fifteen Filipino designers (represent!) I'm having a blast exploring different collections. Absolutely worth skipping an hour of studying for.

On another note, it's Midterms week! Three exams tomorrow, wish me luck xxx

NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion.
Set up in 2008 to infuse new life into fashion, NJAL was quick to become an indispensable tool for the industry; helping designers gain exposure and finance their progression independently by providing an easily accessible retailing forum via its online shop. NJAL is a creative hub with a red carpet following setting trends and perpetuating innovation, an infinitely expanding destination devoted to facilitating growth in the fashion industry.
Screenshot by Michiko G./JanuaryGypsy

Macro Attack

Last week I brought Normy (my Nikon) with me to school, and we took some random shots of random things, and my friends. So, basically this is a photo journal of last week :)



*Just when I had almost lost my Glee fever

Smash is an upcoming TV series by NBC. Similar to Glee, it's a musical series but focuses more on the drama of a Broadway production, on-stage and off. The show stars Debra Messing (you may know her from Will And Grace) along with Katharine McPhee (from American Idol; I barely recognized her because of how skinny she is in the show!) and Megan Hilty (known for her role as Glinda in the phenomenal broadway musical, Wicked.) I can't remember the names of the other characters or actors, but I'm pretty sure when you watch it you'll totally go "Hey it's that guy from that movie!" hahaha because I know I did >.<

DIY: Newspaper Nails

Sephora To Go: iPod App

So I recently downloaded the Sephora To Go app for my iPod and I just had to share with you how much fun I had with it! I'm a nail polish junkie, so this was really cool to play with. Midterms are coming up for me, so this app was a really good de-stresser. On the bottom, you can scroll through the colors of different polishes and the nails automatically change into the color you select on. On the left side, you can change the skin tone of the hand so it becomes more realistic and you can kind of see how the color would look like on yours.

Tastes Like Flowers


Real Steal: YSL Arty Rings

 So if you've read my Ringspiration post you'll totally get this one. I've had this recent obsession with these Arty Oval Rings by Yves Saint Laurent. For an authentic YSL ring, it starts at $250 but if you're financially challenged like myself, I found these replicas downtown for an insane bargain. I know some people may think it's shameful to buy fakes, but let's be honest, not everyone can afford a three-hundred dollar ring, and the style is all the same. I was skeptical to buy this ring at first, because it felt very weird to have on my finger; the oval would just hang there but I got comfortable with it after a while. It's a refreshing kind of style to have a ring which overlaps to your knuckle.


Follow January Gypsy

You can now follow my blog with Bloglovin! :)

Afternoon Delight

These pictures basically sum up my weekend. Archaeology class at the National Museum, pretzels at Auntie Anne's, late lunch at Terriyaki Boy (because of their month-long promo; fifty pesos for an order of california maki! max of 2 orders per table), and dessert at McDonald's. Also gave my new Keds sneakers a try :P I had to tuck in the laces though because they were seriously too long.


Ice Cream In A Ball?

So the other week I had my first Mochiko! And yes, the first thing that attracted me to buy one is the fact that it's basically my name except for one letter >.< I tried cookie dough and the boyf had azuki, then we went back and I had another cookie dough and chocolate. So what exactly is a Mochiko? It's an ice cream ball, covered with a layer of mochi which is a Japanese rice cake. I'm not sure about all the other flavors, but the cookie dough not only had ice cream inside but a cookie too, so, double the yum! The company which makes Mochikos is originally from Manila, but they're setting up a little booth in Cebu permanently at Ayala Active Zone, right next to Tablea. So if you're in Cebu, definitely try a Mochiko ;) *but if you have sensitive teeth, probably take a pill first or some sensodyne teehee

All Tied Up

I love shoe shopping. Aside from accessories, it's probably the only thing I love trying on at stores and boutiques. Unlike clothes, shoes don't make me feel fat. I don't have to worry about losing a few pounds to fit in to them, or if they're going to be so tight on me to the point of barely breathing. When I'm shopping for shoes, all I have to think of is what size shoe I am, and then the adventure begins! :D


Pig Blankets

I made these a long time ago but I've found myself craving for them again today. They're Asparagus and Shitake wrapped in Bacon with Lemon Tabasco sauce. One of my best, if I do say so myself ;)  I used to cook like crazy before, just staying in the kitchen for hours and experimenting with different flavor combinations. Nowadays it's so hard for me to find time to cook, but at least summer is only three more months away! Excited for sea-salt hair and tanning oil, yippee!

Dip-Dyed Hair

Dip-dyed hair's getting even more common now.
Check out Dakota Fanning, her peach fuzz tips are just awesome!



I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have an obscene obsession when it comes to rings! Rather than my usual steampunk attraction, I'm trying to broaden my perspective on rings and branch out to more earth-toned styles.

DIY: Bag Accessories

So in my previous post I mentioned I was going to add things to the bag I used for school and here is the result! It's still pretty simple, but at least it doesn't look too plain anymore.


Tuesday, Be Good

It's tuesday and class is in two hours. I've got the most unsettling pain in my chest and my ankle still hurts a bit (I had an accident and grazed probably 60% of skin off my ankle) but I can walk properly now, so yehey to that I guess? >.< Okay, so basically for this post I thought I'd show you what's in my school bag. I normally don't use this bag, but since last night my mind's been filled with ideas on how to accessorize it a bit because I just think it's too plain. I'll figure how to later and post it up soon ;)

Meet Choupette

Meet Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's new cat! Choupette's so tiny, it's adorable and I'm getting giddy from how furry he/she is! I now concur that Choupette is the luckiest kitty in the world :D

Photo Via refinery29

Mulberry: Yummy Pastels!

I'm getting giggles from this fun, and witty Ad Campaign for Mulberry's Spring Summer 2012 collection. The giant ice cream and cones are too sweet to boot and all these pastel colors are so adorable (and of course, so is Frida) :D


It's About Having Fun: Paul & Joe Cosmetics

So lately I've been obsessing over Paul & Joe and their kitty lipsticks, then after further searches I've fallen in love with every single cosmetic they've made. They may be just make-up, but the marketing and packaging is what gives it its uniqueness.

Sweet Disposition

Went food trippin' with the boyf last saturday! We had dimsum and gelato >:) This weekend's been one big giant buffet, so for the next couple of days i'll be trying my utmost to control what I eat >.<

The Giant Macaron!

Guaranteed, no camera tricks! >:)

My best friend, Stefy and I went to this little restaurant nearby school called fudge and they had these huge french macarons! It looked so cute it took me so long to eat it because I couldn't stop looking at it! 

We had a chocolate macaron! It wasn't perfect though, the macaron is a bit chunky most probably because of the almond flour, wherein the perfect macaron is supposed to be smooth. Still, it was pretty yummy ;)


After-school Remedy

It's been almost a week since school started again from Christmas break and I already miss it so much. I simply cannot wait for summer! So last tuesday since I only had classes in the morning, my friends and I went to Starbucks and stayed there for the afternoon just to chill and talk (and play pictionary >.<) And Starbucks gave us free samples of their Venetian Latte with Orange Honey which reminded me of that scene in Zoolander where all the boys went "Orange Mocha Frappuccinooo!"


Screen Theme Party: My 18th

Last sunday was my birthday, which goes without saying, I am now eighteen! I had a party the day before which was saturday, and I made it a Screen Theme Party in which I basically required myself and my guests to dress up as any TV Show or Movie Character, and to improvise however they can or want to. My uncle baked cupcakes and gave me these adorable sets of candles, Unicorn candles. Can you say hellsyeahh! For the giftbags, I had an idea to put them in popcorn bags or cups, but since looking for those was a bust, my best friend came up with the smartest thing, to just buy regular cups and paint the red lines in. I guess I was under so much stress, the thought never even crossed my mind to do that >.< It was such a fun night! Plus, we had trivia games that my sister hosted and then we played pictionary-- very PG 13, yes, but it was fun though. Next year, hopefully I'll have not just a fun, but Epic birthday.


First Day Back In School

Dear school, thank you for the one-day-a-week break you give us from being collegiate clones.

I wasn't too excited to go back to school, but my day went rather well than I had expected though. My wednesday classes start at 9 thirty, and since I always hitch a ride with my dad, as usual, we left insanely early so we went to Pancake House for breakfast and I had a Bacon Waffle which was pure culinary genius. The rest of the day when I wasn't in class, I spent it with my best friends and we all hung out at the mall during lunch break, went back to school, class again, then we went to Baking Company, out of boredom and curiosity. I am so sleep-deprived, and school isn't helping one bit.

I didn't bring my camera to school today; in serious need of a proper-looking, fashionable camera bag that doesn't look too over-the-top professional.


Planning Ahead

It's the start of a brand new year, and it's going to be a long one ahead, so why not plan in style? In our generation it's pretty common and much preferred to plan everything and set dates and events


Not With A Fizzle, But With A Bang!

It's 2012! It's a new year, new plans, new excitements, (new problems) >.<
I am so thankful for 2011. It doesn't even seem so long ago. I can remember last new year, waaay too well. Half of last year, I was still in a different college, all girls, studying Media Communication. Now, I'm in a different college, a University, studying Anthropology. Last year, I had my first macaron, my first break up, my first school violation (not proud, but it's a first teehee), my first six inch heels. I'm hoping for this year to be absolutely exciting! Also, I've made a partial New Years resolution ;)

1. Learn how to snap my fingers, whistle, and roll my r's.
2. Learn to balance gracefully in heels.
3. Wear more skirts. Buy more pants.
4. Buy more make up; start a nightly regimen.
5. Eat and drink more fresh, less processed.
6. Learn to save money and handle my expenses.
So far, these are my plans for this year.

So, a recap of my 2011! Here it goes :)
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