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I'm baaaaaack! And it's finally summer!! I am so excited to catch loads of z's and absolutely looking forward to our excavation (i'm majoring in Archaeology) which in two days! And it'll be for about two-weeks, more or less, so I won't be posting anything in two weeks but as soon as i get back, I am going to put up photos :) So lately I've been to Sumo Sam, Spice Fusion, Á Café and Seattle's Best. Sumo Sam made me wish I had two stomachs. Spice Fusion had the best fruity tea drinks that are so summer proper.  Á Café, best Turkey sandwich ever, which I didn't order for myself but it was absolutely delicious. Seattle's Best at the moment has my vote for the best Chai Tea Latte. Also there's this upcoming tea place, near Ayala Center Cebu, called Bon Appetea. I'm not quite sure if they've opened already but it'll probably be very soon, or at least I'm hoping! haha. 


Werelse for Mango Touch

I am such a fan of the Werelse group; Andy, Chiara, and Carolina are a stunning team of international fashion bloggers with their own clothing line, Werelse. They are an utterly amazing collision of talent, personality and style, and recently they've teamed up with fashion brand MANGO Touch-- this brand (still part of MANGO) is exclusively dedicated to accessories and footwear. This video basically is to introduce, present, and promote their collaboration with Mango. Aside from the bloggers themselves, the video also stars Spanish actress Rossy de Palma.


You Cook, You Eat, You Pay

These photos are from the other week. We went to Yakiniku Tajimaya at Crossroads for dinner because it was my papa's birthday! Originally, we had planned to go to this taiwanese shabu-shabu place near Ayala, but it was packed when we got there so my parents suggested we go to Yakiniku instead. It was a new experience, having to go to a restaurant and actually cook your own food. Similar to shabu-shabu places, you cook your own food too, but most of it's (shabu-shabu) already half-cooked and all you need is to let it simmer in the broth. At Yakiniku, you grill your own food-- charcoal barquettes, of course. You're probably getting this image in your mind of Larsian, where it's all smokey and foggy hahaha that's what I had originally expected too, but they used charcoal, instead of the usual "uling" which is typically used for bbqs in the Philippines. It took us a couple of orders to get the grilling thing right, so if you, dear reader, plan on going to Yakiniku, here are some tips I've thought of:

Shoe Lust: Tassel Heels!

While I was browsing through google results for fringes & tassels, I came across this photo and I just got so giddy! These black suede boots with tassel covered heels and serrated platforms would absolutely complement themselves, no matter what outfit. Designed by Camilla Skovgaard, found on http://www.net-a-porter.com/ (unfortunately, it's not available anymore)


Ear Candy | Mark Ronson On Repeat

It's saturday night, I'm staying in, and partying in my head to this.

Mark Ronson's new album, Record Collection, has currently been set on repeat on my iPod for over a week now and I'm still not tired of it. The first time I heard of Mark Ronson was from this Lily Allen song, "Oh My God" which he was featured in, and he was in the video too which was too cute (and yes, I say cute, despite the video being pretty sexy hahaha) because instead of the actual Lily Allen they used a cartoon version of her (and also, the song was on the soundtrack of St. Trinians >.<) So this is Mark Ronson's third album, released late 2010 with fourteen tracks, including "Circuit Breaker" which is an homage to The Legend of Zelda, with a really cool music video; I didn't get it at first though, because I always remembered Link as a blonde.


KONY 2012!

So who's Kony? To answer your question and for you to understand what I'm posting about, watch the video below. It's 30 minutes long, but it was absolutely worth every second. Take the time to watch it, do some research, and do your part by simply sharing the video, spreading the word, Kony 2012 needs to happen! Everyone talks about wanting world peace, well this is the first step to making that happen. Share this poster and video to all you friends. Support Invisible Children, support Kony 2012!


Ring Collection & GIVEAWAY!

If you know me well enough, then you'll also know how obsessed I am with rings! My obsession with them started in high school when we went on a class trip, and one of the stops was CICC (Cebu International Convention Center) and they had this little bazaar at the time, and I spent all of my allowance on rings >.< Since then, I've been buying rings as much as I can hahaha. Rings make me happy really happy :) Here's my collection so far and I'll also be giving away three different rings to three different winners!


Crave More

Went to Ayala the other day, took a couple of pictures and my friend Yuno was showing off his LEGIT necklace from Crave More which I'm totally jealous of. Crave More sells necklaces; simple chain, simple charm, but so much attitude. I'm in love with the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter geek, holla holla) necklace but they're sold out at the moment. I'm hoping to buy one as soon as they get new stocks.

Sweet Little Things

So the other day on my way home, I passed by this Chinese restaurant and right next to it was this little shop that caught my attention, and the next day, I brought my friends with me and we went after school. Sweet Little Things is this little pastry shop, and they specialize in cupcakes! (Hahaha this is probably the ummteenth post I've had about cupcakes) We ordered Cinful Apple, Red Velvet, and my favorite, Lemon Poppyseed-- just the right amount of zest balanced out with buttery icing, so yummy, it was like my heart melted. Also bought home a Blueberry Crumble and Cookies & Cream for my mum and sissy :) *Aaaand the coffee they serve is from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf*

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