Ice Cream In A Ball?

So the other week I had my first Mochiko! And yes, the first thing that attracted me to buy one is the fact that it's basically my name except for one letter >.< I tried cookie dough and the boyf had azuki, then we went back and I had another cookie dough and chocolate. So what exactly is a Mochiko? It's an ice cream ball, covered with a layer of mochi which is a Japanese rice cake. I'm not sure about all the other flavors, but the cookie dough not only had ice cream inside but a cookie too, so, double the yum! The company which makes Mochikos is originally from Manila, but they're setting up a little booth in Cebu permanently at Ayala Active Zone, right next to Tablea. So if you're in Cebu, definitely try a Mochiko ;) *but if you have sensitive teeth, probably take a pill first or some sensodyne teehee



  1. They are so strange but I so want to try them

    1. i was skeptical at first too, but they were so good!


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