Susie Styles: Glam Rock Shoes

Independent fashion blogger Susie from Style Bubble has designed an amazing Glam Rock shoe, with


The Cat's Meow: Forever 21 Hello Kitty Collection

 Meowow, wow! Forever 21, a haven for teen fashionistas looking for the light to guide them in tough times from season to season, will be releasing a Hello Kitty collection of clothing apparel and


Atomized: Supermodels Reunite for Duran Duran

British band Duran Duran released their new music video last November 8th for their song Girl Panic! from their album All You Need Is Now. In Girl Panic!, Duran Duran reunites 80s supermodels Cindy


Polycotton For The Wasted Youth

"Coco de Coeur is "a clothing line for the wasted youth who are born to make a mess." A beautiful mess, indeed, we take the edgiest designs and transform them into street art. Inspired by the hard times and rebel mistakes of the never forgotten teenage years. A collection of tees and tops that were designed to make a statement."

Oh, what I wouldn't give to have any one (or even all) of these bad babies. When I saw these shirts, I absolutely fell in love with them-- the statements, the style, and of course, the genius behind it all, Audrey Kitching. I like how the sizes are


Studio Time

So a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to do a little photo shoot in my room, I set up a small corner and turned it into a little studio. I rummaged through the house and found these insanely large

The Benefits of Being Skinny

Personally, I don't have long legs, or a slim body. I'm a size 16 (okay, fine, 18) and it's frustrating when styles I try on don't seem to look as good as I want them to. I am a teenager and currently exploring from one fashion style to another, never settling on one. When it comes to dressing myself, I rarely ever wear anything tight or body fit-- I'm self conscious when it comes to my figure. My friends are fine with how I look, and so am I, (I mean, I've been in this body for 17 years, I'm pretty comfortable with it) but when I see all these skinny girls who get to wear what they want to wear and look great wearing it, girls who are


If you like Piña Coladas

Only thing better than the Piña Colada song,

It's Me!

So here I am, January Gypsy. I'm an 18 year old girl with an eye for individuality and a heart for potential. I appreciate what needs appreciation and I lavish myself with curiosity. Currently going to college, and majoring in Archaeology in pursuit of achieving my teenage dream of becoming a modern Indiana Jones. This blog has no specific classification, and neither do I. Looking for inspiration, for the benefit of my imagination and personal style. I'm starting this blog to share with you all about my life, things that interest me, and inspire me. As my blog title says, I'm a gypsy (or at least I consider myself to be *wink.) It's not that I travel so much, although I wish I could, It's that my spirit always wanders; my spirit, my thoughts, my style. It's hard for me to focus or stick to any single thing. I love being adventurous. I love trying new things. I paint, I cook, I take pictures. At one point, I've also gone on a nail art binge, which I'm hoping to do more of nowadays. So basically, this blog is about things I'll be doing, I'll be planning to do, things I've been thinking and feeling, everything. This blog will basically be my life on text and pixels. Thank you for reading and enjoy :)
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