Ear Candy | Those Dancing Days

I've recently come across this amazing indie band, Those Dancing Days. From a small suburb in Sweden, their music has made it across seas, into speakers and my ever grateful ears. This all-girl band is definitely one of my favorites now ;) . My favorite from them at the moment is "Keep Me In Your Pocket" because of the coincidentally relatable lyrics.


Weekend Wrap Up + Missy BonBon

This weekend was pretty mellow, and I mean reeeaaalllyyyyy mellow! Went to Rick's last saturday night to watch (or at least tried to watch) Mr. Nobody, some episodes of Adventure Time, had lots of pancit canton and brown russians. Then today, my mum got back from Cagayan and brought these yummy pastel buns from Missy Bon Bon, which also comes in these cute boxes.


Adventures In Pixels

Some photos from the past month, phone photos that I just remembered existed, and photos that I'm posting up just because. Macarons, Quiche, Carbonara, Croque Monsieur at Macaron Tango Café, night out at I.T. Park, swimming at Casa Rosita, Milk Tea Mochiko, Nirvana milk tea at Bon Appetea, Purple Kush at Handuraw and other random photos.


Born To Die For: Mulberry's Lana Del Rey Bag

"Because you're not truly a 'thing' until you have an accessory named after you."

Musically, Lana Del Rey is a phenomenon. I describe her as a classy posh gangster-- can you imagine? She's hit charts, she's beautiful, her voice and music are not like any other. Mulberry has named a bag after this singing sensation, and will be available for all this May 14th. I love the simplicity of the bags, and I especially love it in blue, but per tonyandlorenzo.com, it seems the design is too simple, to the point of it being generic. In my opinion, Mulberry should have gone with an edgier yet sophisticated bag to name Lana after, because in no way is Lana Del Ray plain. Have you ever heard of Born To Die? Seen the music video? Enough said.

The Oozing Clutch

The clutch that literally oozes! These Christopher Kane (Fall 2011) Aqua gel-filled clutches are just oh so trippy-- clear PVC material with colored gels in pale greenbright red, orange (and other colors) with blue accents and black gunmetal snap buttons. They remind me a lot of childhood pencil cases, down to the snap buttons and the PVC material. I love how they look, plus I think the brighter colors are adorbs for summer but I'd be too scared it might get a hole or a rip, then ooooooze! bye bye colors :(


It's In The Jeans

Feeling creative? Design your own pair of jeans on Getwear! It's an amazing site, exclusively denim and you can have your own pair of jeans made, however you want it! Sizes can be custom made for you, and you can even add designs like rips and paint splatters if you want. And, that's not even the best part. You can design your own pair of jeans, capris, or shorts; plus, pick out what style you want, whether it's flared, skinny, boyfriend, slim, straight, etc.; plus, plus, choose between buttons or zippers, and styles of pockets; plus, plus, plus, choose your own shade of denim; and once you're done, you can even sell your design right on the site! Quadruple plus! Can you say, jean-ius? *Okay, bad pun. Moving on.

Here are a few of my own designs ;)

Creeper Fever

I'm 500 pesos away from buying a pair of creepers! Unless of course I end up spending it all and then I'll just be back where I started. Which is zero. Must. Resist. Buying. Anything. Else! Anyway, I want these babies so bad! Not only are they an eye-catching pair, but they'll make me at least two inches taller ;) So I'm planning on making this week very productive, i.e.: get my driver's permit, worker's permit, a copy of my birth certificate, print up I.D. pictures, print up copies of my resume, pay my school tuition, find a job, and find a place in the city that converts betamax tapes to DVDs. Busy, busy, busy! Also, I got a haircut yesterday and the lady took waaay too much off, but I'm getting used it. Well, I will. Eventually. Hopefully.


One Sweet Adventure

Summer has come and it feels like it's going by so quickly. Must. Make. Every. Day. Count.

The other day, my friends and I had this craving for sweets. Since it's summer, going to Fudge, which is our usual place to get a sugar-fix, seemed too far. And plus, we wanted to try out something new, hence the adventure. We went to Dolce, which is a cafe up in Lahug, a bit farther from The Outpost. It had this all-white modern chic fusion atmosphere which I loved, but it gave this really high-class snob vibe, so braced myself and was well-prepared to spend maybe more than I usually would on cake, but to my relief, the prices weren't as expensive as I thought they were going to be. We ended up ordering a S'mores Cake, a slice of Green Tea Caramel Cake, No Sin Apple Oats shake, Coffee Espresso, and Spinach & Mushroom Quiche. I also brought home a slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake which was the best action my mouth has had since Big Bucks' *which is now no longer being sold :(* Cheesecake. So now, I'm predicting Dolce will become one of my favorite cafe's and sugar fix spots. Can't wait to go back soon!



Yesterday was a pretty productive day; I cooked (veggies and tuna & kimchi), gave my dog a bath, read a couple of pages of my pocket book on Fossils, watched the first season of Community, shortened my sidecut, took vain pictures of myself, bleached my bag (doing an ombre project that I'll post up soon *wink) Can all that be considered productive? I have no idea but for the sake of my day, let's just say it is.


Latest Acquisitions

These are just some of my recent purchases and gifts. I haven't really used most of these, but in time, I will! ;)

1) Forever 21 royal blue t-strap moccasins my papa bought for me and I've been using waaaaay too much 2) Parisian black satchel bag-- I can't wait to use the crap out of it! 3) Lucky thrift denim suit jacket that I haven't used yet, since it doesn't feel very summer appropriate; praying for rain just so I can use this bad boy >.< 4) Sleeveless lace button-down dress, another lucky thrift I got for under 100 bucks 5) Downtown find collar necklace 6) Juicy Couture bangle; for a Juicy bangle, the design is really simple but that's why I love it 7) Dreamcatcher/wind chime keychain my best friend brought for me from Enchanted Kingdom


Isabel Marant Sneakers & Today's Thoughts

This morning I'm lusting for a pair of these babies. Isabel Marant high-top sneakers would be perfect for a look that's casual and effortless. Though, I doubt that with the weather in the Philippines, summer or not, these would probably be too hot to wear? It's a theory.
My personal favorite is the brown, pink and orange ones on the photo below. 


DIY: Alexander Wang Inspired Bag

So today, the weather was perfect. I woke up around after noon, and it wasn't that sunny; it just finished raining. I decided it was the perfect weather for going on a walk, so I did. I wound up downtown and ended up buying a pack of studs, at the moment I had no idea what to with them but when I got home I thought hey, why don't I make a DIY?


View From The Bottom

And, I'm back! ;) My normal sleeping pattern has finally caught up with me, at last! I've been so doped on cough medicine for the past couple of days, I can't believe it's already been five days since I left San Remigio. So to keep you all up to speed, I was at an Archaeological Field School the past week and I got back last wednesday. I'm going to have to keep this really short since my bed and 4-hour routine prescription of cough syrup isn't letting me stay awake. To wrap this up, I've learned a lot from field school, also got a ridiculous tan which I'm hoping to even out soon. 
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