Ring Collection & GIVEAWAY!

If you know me well enough, then you'll also know how obsessed I am with rings! My obsession with them started in high school when we went on a class trip, and one of the stops was CICC (Cebu International Convention Center) and they had this little bazaar at the time, and I spent all of my allowance on rings >.< Since then, I've been buying rings as much as I can hahaha. Rings make me happy really happy :) Here's my collection so far and I'll also be giving away three different rings to three different winners!

Rings Give Away!
*Coins aren't included, they're just for size comparison :)

1 of each ring will be given away
Give away is open to *Cebu residents only *for now ;)
Redemption details shall be discussed between the winners and myself
Winners will be picked randomly

How To Join:
1. Follow my blog through Google Friend Contact
(on the left sidebar, the blue button which says 'Join this site')
2. Leave a comment below with your Name and Email Address

Give away closes on April 21st

Owl Ring, adjustable garter, 1 to giveaway

Two-finger five hearts ring, adjustable, 1 to giveaway

Alarm clock body ring, size 15/16, 1 to giveaway

Goodluck and have a swell week ahead! ;)


  1. Name: Sarah Blakebrough
    GFC: sarah.blakebrough
    Email: sarah.blakebrough@plymouth.ac.uk


  2. Name: Justine L. Espina
    Email: jlespina08@gmail.com


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