Edge of Summer

Just a couple of pictures to give a gist of what I've been up to. Photos from Concave Skate Park, Starbucks and I.T. Park, plus, a burger patty I made, the SORTED way *wink* and a strawberry cheesecake. Because I like cheesecake. Also, I went to ArmyNavy and Sprockets but I'll do a separate post for em later. Aaaand I've also been addicted to the new HBO series, Girls (trailer and clips below) Created, written by and stars Lena Dunham who is basically the Tina Fey of my generation. The show has an awesome soundtrack as well, so, plus points!

Trailers and clips from the new HBO comedy 'Girls' which I highly recommend. If you're old enough. Yea.

Also it's been so gloomy lately so now it really doesn't feel like summer but I'm actually a bit excited for school to start. Wait what?

Have a good day! :) xxx

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