So to keep you up to speed on what I've been up to lately, here are some photos of this week so far. Went to Ayala to do some errands with my bestfriend, Stefy, had Krispy Kremes, then went to Rick's place to help him with school stuff, played around with his Diana Lomo and the paper ring he made (yeah, not girly at all) Such a happy day, despite it being Stefy's last before leaving for Holland. Counting the days until she gets back<3 And yesterday, I went to I.T. Park with Ally and Eloi, and I applied for a job! Well, the second time. I'm hoping I get this one. Keeping my fingers crossed! Oh, and also, I had more Krispy Kremes. Teehee.

Also, I made a twitter account! I'm so late for it, but whatever.
Give me a tweet! *that sounded dorky

Also, that day's theme song was "Gold" by Spandau Ballet, hence the title of this post being, "Indestructible"

Have a great day/almost weekend! ;)

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