Random Wishlist

A wish list, for no apparent reason, of things I'd like to buy if I had money, which I'd like to earn by working, but is immensely disappointing because no one will hire me.

Actionsampler Transparent ~bulky but lightweight and takes four photos in one press of a button

La Sardina Camera ~wide angle film camera with multiple exposures in this wave-y purple pattern

Diana F+ with Flash in Neptune Green ~a fresh and minty coat over this classic beauty

Fisheye 2 ~in White Knight! I desperately wanted this in Chrome, but it was limited edition

SprocketRocket ~in orange, one of my favorite colors and it takes super wide angle photos, almost panoramic even.

Dr. Marten's Vegan 1460 ~I'd like this either in Black leather or Cherry Red

Pura Vida Bracelets (top) Ultimate Neon Pack (bottom) Push Pop Pack ~"Pura Vida" means Pure Life in Spanish. These bracelets are simple yet adorable, and a guilt-free expense. Every bracelet purchased helps provide full time jobs for Artisans in Costa Rica.

Just a couple of things off the top of my head. I'd like lots more things but these are my priority. I hope this doesn't make me selfish.

Have a good day! xxx

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