Atomized: Supermodels Reunite for Duran Duran

British band Duran Duran released their new music video last November 8th for their song Girl Panic! from their album All You Need Is Now. In Girl Panic!, Duran Duran reunites 80s supermodels Cindy
Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, and Eve Herzigova as the "Supers" who all play roles in the music video as band members. Even in previous music videos, the band has used a various mix of supermodels. After I watched this video, all I could think about besides the music, was the clothing. The hot pants, the leather wear, the shoes, right up to the S&M gear, most of which were styled by the dynamic fashion duo Dolce & Gabbana who also appear as cameos in the video.

For more info, visit duranduran.com


  1. I thought that was genius to put supermodels in this video! So cool! xoxoxoo


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