The Benefits of Being Skinny

Personally, I don't have long legs, or a slim body. I'm a size 16 (okay, fine, 18) and it's frustrating when styles I try on don't seem to look as good as I want them to. I am a teenager and currently exploring from one fashion style to another, never settling on one. When it comes to dressing myself, I rarely ever wear anything tight or body fit-- I'm self conscious when it comes to my figure. My friends are fine with how I look, and so am I, (I mean, I've been in this body for 17 years, I'm pretty comfortable with it) but when I see all these skinny girls who get to wear what they want to wear and look great wearing it, girls who are
skinny enough to shop at  Topshop, I can't help but feel insecure, and jealous. I know how a lot of people promote loving yourself, loving the body you have, everyone is beautiful, yes, that's true, no matter what figure. My concern isn't about beauty; I know and believe that everyone is beautiful. I want to be skinny so I can shop as much as I want without having to worry if the size I've picked won't fit me. I want to be skinny so I can wear a bikini. I want to be skinny so walking and standing will feel lighter and easier. I want to be skinny, because I want to feel light. I want to be skinny, and I know that some people are going to expect me to fail, some are going to tell me "No, you're fine the way you look," some are going to tell me "Yeah, you should." Before I try to get skinny, first step is to get healthy. It's in our family genes to be chubby, so this isn't going to be easy. Wish me luck!

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