Polycotton For The Wasted Youth

"Coco de Coeur is "a clothing line for the wasted youth who are born to make a mess." A beautiful mess, indeed, we take the edgiest designs and transform them into street art. Inspired by the hard times and rebel mistakes of the never forgotten teenage years. A collection of tees and tops that were designed to make a statement."

Oh, what I wouldn't give to have any one (or even all) of these bad babies. When I saw these shirts, I absolutely fell in love with them-- the statements, the style, and of course, the genius behind it all, Audrey Kitching. I like how the sizes are
oversized and slouchy, since personally I wear a lot of loose clothes that hang on me. This tee collection is just awesome, and I'm hoping to see more of them with different prints, but still in the same style of course. 

Check out Coco de Coeur at cocodecoeur.com and Audrey Kitching at audrey.buzznet.com for more info.

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