Studio Time

So a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to do a little photo shoot in my room, I set up a small corner and turned it into a little studio. I rummaged through the house and found these insanely large
sizes of white and blue cloth (I have no idea why we have them.) I don't have any professional equipment except for a tripod and a couple of lenses, so I simply used the fluorescent lighting I had in my room, and for the next couple sets of shots I thought it would be interesting to use christmas lights, to get a really nice warm glow. I texted some friends, and had one of them be my doll for the day (this is one of my best friends, Allyson.) The pictures turned out better than I had expected. I'm hoping to do more studio time, hopefully this semester won't be so hectic and that I'll have time to.

For better photo quality, go to flickr.com/photos/minkachioni

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