Born To Die For: Mulberry's Lana Del Rey Bag

"Because you're not truly a 'thing' until you have an accessory named after you."

Musically, Lana Del Rey is a phenomenon. I describe her as a classy posh gangster-- can you imagine? She's hit charts, she's beautiful, her voice and music are not like any other. Mulberry has named a bag after this singing sensation, and will be available for all this May 14th. I love the simplicity of the bags, and I especially love it in blue, but per tonyandlorenzo.com, it seems the design is too simple, to the point of it being generic. In my opinion, Mulberry should have gone with an edgier yet sophisticated bag to name Lana after, because in no way is Lana Del Ray plain. Have you ever heard of Born To Die? Seen the music video? Enough said.

Despite the simple design, I love it in this blue shade!

All photos via tonandlorenzo.com

My current favorite from Lana Del Rey: You Can Be The Boss. It's much more upbeat compared to her other singles, Born To Die, Video Games, and Blue Jeans.

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