Latest Acquisitions

These are just some of my recent purchases and gifts. I haven't really used most of these, but in time, I will! ;)

1) Forever 21 royal blue t-strap moccasins my papa bought for me and I've been using waaaaay too much 2) Parisian black satchel bag-- I can't wait to use the crap out of it! 3) Lucky thrift denim suit jacket that I haven't used yet, since it doesn't feel very summer appropriate; praying for rain just so I can use this bad boy >.< 4) Sleeveless lace button-down dress, another lucky thrift I got for under 100 bucks 5) Downtown find collar necklace 6) Juicy Couture bangle; for a Juicy bangle, the design is really simple but that's why I love it 7) Dreamcatcher/wind chime keychain my best friend brought for me from Enchanted Kingdom

Okay so yes, clearly I've been spending a lot, but I prefer to look at these as wardrobe investments; I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm not just going to use any of these once or twice. A hundred times, at least. Hahaha. And now that it's summer and I'm not taking any classes, so that means no allowance :( I'm pretty determined to find a job though, or even just volunteer for something. I want money, but mostly, I just want my time to be well-spent.


  1. cute!!!


  2. uh.. i love everything!! especially the thrifted denim jacket and lace dress!!

    followed u by the way. check out my blog too.:)


    1. thank you! i followed you back :)



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