Creeper Fever

I'm 500 pesos away from buying a pair of creepers! Unless of course I end up spending it all and then I'll just be back where I started. Which is zero. Must. Resist. Buying. Anything. Else! Anyway, I want these babies so bad! Not only are they an eye-catching pair, but they'll make me at least two inches taller ;) So I'm planning on making this week very productive, i.e.: get my driver's permit, worker's permit, a copy of my birth certificate, print up I.D. pictures, print up copies of my resume, pay my school tuition, find a job, and find a place in the city that converts betamax tapes to DVDs. Busy, busy, busy! Also, I got a haircut yesterday and the lady took waaay too much off, but I'm getting used it. Well, I will. Eventually. Hopefully.

All photos via Tumblr

Have a lovely week ahead! xxx

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