The Oozing Clutch

The clutch that literally oozes! These Christopher Kane (Fall 2011) Aqua gel-filled clutches are just oh so trippy-- clear PVC material with colored gels in pale greenbright red, orange (and other colors) with blue accents and black gunmetal snap buttons. They remind me a lot of childhood pencil cases, down to the snap buttons and the PVC material. I love how they look, plus I think the brighter colors are adorbs for summer but I'd be too scared it might get a hole or a rip, then ooooooze! bye bye colors :(

Photos via Pinspire & Pinterest

Plus, if I probably had one, I'd use it, 60% of the time as some squishy stress clutch! 

In other news, Avengers came out today! But my friends and I are waiting until the hype dies down a bit. We think we're cool that way hahaha. Have a good week, all! xxx

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