*This is going to be a critique on the recently opened Cupcake shop in Cebu, CupcaKen.
This post is not intended to offend anyone from CupcaKen or discourage anyone to visit CupcaKen, this is simply my opinion*

After days of bugging my sister to take me to CupcaKen she finally gave in and took my there yesterday night. My best friend passes by the street where CupcaKen is located everyday and she told me about how cute the store looked so I obviously couldn't resist not going. In my previous post, it was also about cupcakes, and compared to CupcaKen and Cupcakes by Sonja, hands down, the latter was much more delicious (not that I'm saying CupcaKen wasn't) Each cupcake cost 55 pesos, which I thought was pretty steep considering the quality and size of the cupcake. They certainly looked pretty, but I just expected a lot more flavor to balance the prettiness of the cupcake. I had Vanilla Birthday, and although it was good, it was a little rubbery, and it had this sort of mashy undercooked rice-like texture in my mouth (or maybe it was really supposed to be like that) My sister had Chocolate Banana Chip, which she commented was too sweet, and her boyfriend had Chocolate Hazelnut, which I tried and liked, but it was also a bit too sweet.

These were just three flavors, so I'll absolutely be going back to try more cupcakes :)

Refer to the photo below for CupcaKen contact information
*I'm not aware if they have a website or blog, though
CupcaKen is located along Ramon Duterte Street, Banawa, Cebu City; it's not that far from Paseo Banawa, same side, black and pink store, can't miss it :)

Aaaaaand, we also went to visit my sister's best friend and her adorable month-old baby! Everyone thought I was weird(er) because I wiggled my fingers in front of her face and went all "look at the dancing phallangees!" Hahaha.

Also, borrowed my mum's Apple shirt! Hooray Apple :D

Have a great week! xxx :)

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