Deliciousness In A Box

My dad got back from Manila (again) last night and brought Cinnabons! Yummmm. I've been munching on the cinnamonic (what?) deliciousness all dawn with so much coffee on the side, but I've finally finished my presentation for class later :D

Pluuuus, it's saturday and there's so many options on what to do and where to go; Thirsty Cup at school, Eloisa's Rugby game at CIS, crash Stefy's Phys Ed class at the Bowlingplex, or stay home and cuddle with Chilli. It's saturday, who wouldn't want to go out? Though I think the universe will most probably lead me home and tell me to stay in. *Okay universe, if you say so.

*Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting this Breakfast at Tiffany's vibe at the moment. I mean, I'm having breakfast-- Coffee, Pastry, and a Tiffany blue colored Cinnabon box? Win.

Also, aside from the Cinnabon photos, here are some from this week. Stayed at CAFA with Ally & Rick and Vincent's laptop and watched a couple episodes of Awkward. The photos aren't much, though.

Happy Weekend! Have an awesome Saturday!

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