Like A Sir: Sun-Staches

G'evenin' to you, smexy reader ;) So I stumbled upon these Sunglasses with mustaches hung from chains, and I do declare they certainly make me feel, like a sir. I haven't actually bought one of these sunnies, but if fate would hand me a pair in some supernatural way, I wouldn't mind a bit. They even come in different mustache styles, as you can see from above. They are of high-quality, and 100% UV400 protection. Plus, more colors! I just posted these black and white ones, because they seemed the most legit, the others seemed too party-ish, in my opinion; but then again, that's pretty much what they're for. I think if I had a pair on, I would feel like Francois from Youth In Revolt-- so. bad. ass.

Buy The Original Sun-Staches on Amazon
Photo via Amazon.com

A smashing night and week to you all! xxx

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