Out Of This World: Dawntroversial Shoes

I've met my match<3 I want to marry these babies so bad, and they look soooooo good I kinda wanna lick 'em and just snuggle up with them when I go to bed. I'm not even that comfortable with wearing heels but if they looked like these, I wouldn't mind at all. These are Dawntroversial Shoes, hand painted and customized by Glaswegian designer, Dawn Smith. Her signature styles are galactic, and all in all, out of this world. Other than these spacey wedges, some of her other designs are doused in glitter, and studs. She customizes sneakers and boots too!

Dawntroversial Website
Dawntroversial Shoes on Facebook
Dawntroversial on Buzznet
Shop Dawntroversial

*On a more personal note, I have my last midterm tomorrow, so, fingers crossed! xx

All photos via Dawntroversial Shoes on Facebook (link above)

Fist bump if you'd kill to have one of these babies~
TGIF and have a good weekend! :)

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