When In Doubt, Have Some Mint

Happy Wednesday! So I'm going to be trying something new for my blog, which I hope will catch on and I'll continue to do: When In Doubt Wednesdays. Basically, it's just that the title for my posts on Wednesdays will start off with "When In Doubt," and then continue it with something which relates to the post. I got the idea when I read this quote by Bill Blass, which says "When In Doubt, Wear Red."

Had class all day; Economics exam was a bust, but I finished my Anthropology report! :) Went to Brown Cup this afternoon with Ricky after class for comfort food, but decided to skip the extra calories  (haha) of a blueberry cheesecake and had a Mint Chip Frappe instead, well enough for a warm afternoon. *Also, if I had a peso for every inappropriate touch I've felt while riding a jeepney, I'd be damn rich.

And today's theme song is Ten-Twenty-Ten by Generationals (video below)

Ten-Twenty-Ten by Generationals
I heard this on Awkward which is a new TV series from MTV. My sister's friend told me about it, and I was completely hooked after the first episode. I definitely recommend it ;)

Enjoy the earcandy, and have a good night! xxx

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