The Giant Macaron!

Guaranteed, no camera tricks! >:)

My best friend, Stefy and I went to this little restaurant nearby school called fudge and they had these huge french macarons! It looked so cute it took me so long to eat it because I couldn't stop looking at it! 

We had a chocolate macaron! It wasn't perfect though, the macaron is a bit chunky most probably because of the almond flour, wherein the perfect macaron is supposed to be smooth. Still, it was pretty yummy ;)

But aside from the macaron, we had a vanilla cupcake and tiramisu, both were also insanely yummy! 

I have such a sweet tooth! How about you? ;)


  1. fine kamu na ang nag fudge ako na doul ra kaayu wal g contact :[

    1. is this still yuno? lol i called you nya hindi ka ma.contact! i texted you today pd, and you didnt reply </3


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