McDonald's Monday & 3k Hits!

I am sooo beat! I had two midterms today which I was not so prepared for, but I'm hoping for good outcomes since I felt pretty confident about my answers. Also had a double cheeseburger at McDonald's, cookies & cream ice cream and a blueberry Pop Tart. Tomorrow, I'm not eating +.+ (a lot) I have one more midterm on saturday, two reports for my cultures class, one for sociology another for economics, photos of the university campus for brochures, all due within this week! Manic monday, indeed :(

I might not be posting so much this week, since I'll probably be pretty busy but I'll try to post if I can :) And also as of today my blog has reached 3,000+ views! I know it may not seem like a lot but it does to me, so a million thank yous to everyone who visits my blog! Have a good week, guys! :xxx 

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