Planning Ahead

It's the start of a brand new year, and it's going to be a long one ahead, so why not plan in style? In our generation it's pretty common and much preferred to plan everything and set dates and events
electronically, but if you're old-fashioned like myself, pen-to-paper planners are the way to go! I haven't gotten quite to buying one for myself yet though, I've been so swamped lately with birthday plans this saturday. So here are a few planners I found online which I absolutely covet.

 This simple Kate Spade planner which comes in gold is just for me. I'm hoping to find something similar to this design because I highly doubt this is sold in the Philippines.

Moleskines are an oldie, but a goodie. Year after year, the sizes get smaller for your baggage convenience (but maybe not as convenient when writing)

Art and design by Jessica Hische. This is very artsy, and I just love that the front cover says "Today Is The Day," spine says "Write Every Day," and the back cover says "Make It Happen." Probably the best choice for those who need a motivation boost every now and then.

 These Star Wars Moleskines are perfect for the closet dork.

I am in love with these covers from myAgenda planners.

On every coffee lover's christmas list, the 2012 Starbucks planners give you a bit more variety. With four shades of wood to choose from, plus coupons inside per month and a bookmark, and it comes in this handy envelope bag.

 These notebooks and planners by Julia Kostreva are to die for! The simplicity of the design, and the choice of color combinations are perfect.

I wouldn't mind having a single-colored Lechttrum 1917 planner. Light Blue, please.

Plan well, lovelies! Happy 2012 ;)

Words by January Gypsy

All photos (except for the first) are given links

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