Screen Theme Party: My 18th

Last sunday was my birthday, which goes without saying, I am now eighteen! I had a party the day before which was saturday, and I made it a Screen Theme Party in which I basically required myself and my guests to dress up as any TV Show or Movie Character, and to improvise however they can or want to. My uncle baked cupcakes and gave me these adorable sets of candles, Unicorn candles. Can you say hellsyeahh! For the giftbags, I had an idea to put them in popcorn bags or cups, but since looking for those was a bust, my best friend came up with the smartest thing, to just buy regular cups and paint the red lines in. I guess I was under so much stress, the thought never even crossed my mind to do that >.< It was such a fun night! Plus, we had trivia games that my sister hosted and then we played pictionary-- very PG 13, yes, but it was fun though. Next year, hopefully I'll have not just a fun, but Epic birthday.

My costume was a modern and very improvised (chubby) Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Forever 21 Dress
Lace Top worn under (thrifted)
Accessories all borrowed from my lovely eldest sister

These are just a couple photos from the party, I haven't really uploaded most of them since midterms are coming up, and if you're from the Philippines, you'll know it's almost Sinulog which is gonna be off the chaiiin!

Have a great week everyone! xx

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