First Day Back In School

Dear school, thank you for the one-day-a-week break you give us from being collegiate clones.

I wasn't too excited to go back to school, but my day went rather well than I had expected though. My wednesday classes start at 9 thirty, and since I always hitch a ride with my dad, as usual, we left insanely early so we went to Pancake House for breakfast and I had a Bacon Waffle which was pure culinary genius. The rest of the day when I wasn't in class, I spent it with my best friends and we all hung out at the mall during lunch break, went back to school, class again, then we went to Baking Company, out of boredom and curiosity. I am so sleep-deprived, and school isn't helping one bit.

I didn't bring my camera to school today; in serious need of a proper-looking, fashionable camera bag that doesn't look too over-the-top professional.

What I had on today:

J. Crew Cream V-neck
Black Vest (thrifted)
Terranova Denim Skinny Jeans
Parisian Beige Booties (local brand)
Fossil Coin Purse
Jim Thompson Make-Up Kit
Jean Denim Bag (DIY)
The Bead Shop Camera Pendant

All other accessories are local/personalized/DIY

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