Real Steal: YSL Arty Rings

 So if you've read my Ringspiration post you'll totally get this one. I've had this recent obsession with these Arty Oval Rings by Yves Saint Laurent. For an authentic YSL ring, it starts at $250 but if you're financially challenged like myself, I found these replicas downtown for an insane bargain. I know some people may think it's shameful to buy fakes, but let's be honest, not everyone can afford a three-hundred dollar ring, and the style is all the same. I was skeptical to buy this ring at first, because it felt very weird to have on my finger; the oval would just hang there but I got comfortable with it after a while. It's a refreshing kind of style to have a ring which overlaps to your knuckle.

If you're living in Cebu and interested in purchasing one, you can message me through facebook and I can give you directions to the store, or I could buy them for you and schedule a meet-up.

Style has absolutely nothing to do with money -advancedstyle

Here are fashion bloggers Andy T. from stylescrapbook and Chiara from theblondesalad with their authentic YSL Arty Rings. You can barely tell the difference from the knock offs I bought! Below is a stalker-ish snapshot of fashion icon Alexa Chung, known for pairing her Topshop with her Chanel, with a YSL Arty Ring as well. Photos via http://blog.shopcollageboutique.com/2011/12/ysl-arty-ring-almost/

*Disclaimer: January Gypsy in no way promotes the production or purchasing of knock-offs and fakes

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