Not With A Fizzle, But With A Bang!

It's 2012! It's a new year, new plans, new excitements, (new problems) >.<
I am so thankful for 2011. It doesn't even seem so long ago. I can remember last new year, waaay too well. Half of last year, I was still in a different college, all girls, studying Media Communication. Now, I'm in a different college, a University, studying Anthropology. Last year, I had my first macaron, my first break up, my first school violation (not proud, but it's a first teehee), my first six inch heels. I'm hoping for this year to be absolutely exciting! Also, I've made a partial New Years resolution ;)

1. Learn how to snap my fingers, whistle, and roll my r's.
2. Learn to balance gracefully in heels.
3. Wear more skirts. Buy more pants.
4. Buy more make up; start a nightly regimen.
5. Eat and drink more fresh, less processed.
6. Learn to save money and handle my expenses.
So far, these are my plans for this year.

So, a recap of my 2011! Here it goes :)

♥ January Gypsy

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