*Just when I had almost lost my Glee fever

Smash is an upcoming TV series by NBC. Similar to Glee, it's a musical series but focuses more on the drama of a Broadway production, on-stage and off. The show stars Debra Messing (you may know her from Will And Grace) along with Katharine McPhee (from American Idol; I barely recognized her because of how skinny she is in the show!) and Megan Hilty (known for her role as Glinda in the phenomenal broadway musical, Wicked.) I can't remember the names of the other characters or actors, but I'm pretty sure when you watch it you'll totally go "Hey it's that guy from that movie!" hahaha because I know I did >.<

The series is set to premiere on February 6th, 2012 in America (February in the Philippines; Channel: 2nd Avenue; no exact date) I don't want to brag, but I've already seen the pilot :P and it was amazing, it got me so excited for the rest of the episodes! Plus there were also some snippets from upcoming episodes. I am absolutely certain this is going to be a hit; would Steven Spielberg let you down? (Oh right, I forgot to mention, it's produced by Steven Spielberg!)

*Warning: there are spoilers after the poster

In the series, the musical they're trying to write is about the life of Marilyn Monroe. The photo below is Katharine McPhee's character, Karen, and Megn Hilty's character, Ivy. Originally, Ivy was supposed to have the role of Marilyn but because of auditions, and Karen's amazing voice, they can't decide who should get the part. Both ladies have amazing voices, but Ivy has Broadway experience, she's a natural blonde, and she has Marilyn's body, while Karen's dancing is amazing and although she's never performed, but she has the innocence and freshness which is very Marilyn. So who do you think'll get the part? *This show is going to ruin my study habits even more, I just know it.

photos via deadline.com


  1. sounds like it could be quite cool, hope it comes to SA too


    1. it probably will, but it might come later :) xx


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